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Our Story

Hello, my name is Will Childers, and Stop for Life is more than just a website to me—it's a deeply personal mission. While I say "Our Story," you may wonder if I've got a mouse in my pocket. The reality is, I envision this as a collective endeavor, not solely my own. This site is dedicated to my dear friend Elizabeth, who tragically took her own life on November 11, 2013. She is the inspiration that set the wheels in motion for StopForLife, and her memory continues to fuel this mission.

I'm heartened by the open arms and supportive words I've received from those who have heard about this initiative. I like to think of everyone who embraces StopForLife, makes a promise, and shares our mission as the metaphorical "mice in my pocket." We're all in this together, aiming to make a difference.

A Milestone Moment

The website has evolved over the years, and I'm thrilled to announce its relaunch on September 10, 2023—World Suicide Prevention Day.

Please make the promise and share with others.

How Can You Contribute?

The most meaningful way to contribute is by sharing your ideas for promises that are unlikely to be acted upon. The intent is to create a mental pause, a moment of reflection, or what we call a Mental Redirection, that steers focus away from immediate troubles when it matters most. By gathering diverse and thought-provoking suggestions, we can offer an assortment of such promises to help users find one that could serve as their mental safeguard.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please reach out via our 'Contact Us' form. Together, we can continue to grow and refine this life-saving initiative.