About Us

Stop for Life - A Mental Safeguard
Stop for Life was founded with a singular, vital mission:

To prevent suicide and extreme acts of violence, such as school shootings. We strive to serve as a mental safeguard, stepping in before a crisis unfolds.

The Meaning Behind the Green Stop Sign

You might be curious about what our green stop sign stands for. It serves as a reminder to GO—but not in the way you might think. It encourages you to 'GO' take a moment for what we call a Mental Safeguard, before making a life-altering decision.

Your Privacy Matters

We respect your privacy. To understand how your information is used on this site, please read our straightforward privacy policy.

Start Your Journey With Us

Begin by exploring the top navigation menu, where you'll find 'What is the Promise?' This section invites you to make a vital commitment to someone you care about, before considering suicide or an extreme act of violence