"What is the promise?"

The promise is a potential life changing event or action that you would NOT normally want to do and has a few difficult obstacles to overcome in order to complete it. This promise is made to someone you care about, to do this one thing first, before you commit suicide or and act of violence.

We call this a Mental Safeguard

We're creating a mental barrier between acting on suicidal thoughts or violence

The premise is that you will have an alternative plan to committing suicide or an act of violence. We all go through stages of happiness and sadness. A new job can lead to feelings of great happiness. Being dumped by a significant other or loosing a family member can lead us to normal and natural thoughts of depression. We all handle these highs and lows differently and that is OK.

Happy & Sad Chart

This mental safeguard will help redirect your focus if you start to have thoughts of suicide or violence. The way it works is, this promise must be fulfilled first, before committing suicide or an act of violence. This will help you refocus your thoughts away from suicide or violence and to the promise. Instead of thinking about how I should kill myself, you will start thinking about what I will need to do to fulfill this promise.

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