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Stop for Life - Dedication to Elizabeth
My dear friend Elizabeth

As mentioned on 'Our Story' page, Elizabeth was one of the main driving forces for building Stop for Life.

She had a heart of gold and the spirit of a wild stallion.

A thought from her twin sister Rebecca

"Elizabeth was a free spirit and always yearning for her next adventure. She had a heart of gold and loved people dearly. Her smile would just naturally light up a room when she walked in. Nature brought her peace and drew her to the beach and snowy mountains where she lived many years in both. She accomplished so much in her 38 years running marathons, hiking, and climbing mountains, snowboarding, scuba diving, wakeboarding, and even sky-diving!

She earned her master’s degree in business administration. Unfortunately, she also suffered from depression and did not seek help. She portrayed herself as the positive bubbly person that everyone thought was always on top of the world. What we all didn’t see however, was that after a high school rape and a physical abusing boyfriend, she hid from dealing with the internal issues that eventually became all too much. She hid from everyone when she was having her lows. She even hid it from me, her twin sister, Rebecca. She felt that she was letting the people in her life down by admitting she had a problem she needed to deal with.

The last straw was a boyfriend break up, job loss and me, her twin sister, getting married and living far away in Australia.

To her, life just didn’t seem to matter anymore. What she forgot about was that life did matter and the sadness she would leave behind her was unimaginable. Elizabeth will never meet her nephew and see me, Rebecca, as a mother.

Elizabeth is at peace now, but she is missed dearly by so many people that loved her. The grief is indescribable and physical pain in her heart is a daily battle. There is a hole that will always remain for the love that is missing from her.

Elizabeth talked to me, “Beth and Becky," for 2 hours the day before she took her life. I told Beth that everything would be okay, and tomorrow was another day. Hang in there but it wasn’t enough."

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